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July Favourites

So my biggest addiction is aftershaves/deodorants, I know, strange isn’t it? If you know me, you’d know my biggest expenditure (and I’m talking breaking the bank) is on men’s cosmetics; mainly deodorants, or as I know it, give me a moment, let me get this right, ” ahem “, Eau de toilette (if we’re getting posh now) which I’m not, so I’ll just stick to the common name of aftershave, with me being one of the regular folk (that all strangely adore deodorant; you know you do). A lot of my favourites will mainly contain…yeah you guessed it, an array of scents. You’ll be smelling like a summer rose, with every petal, a different scent. A tickle of winter with peppermint, by no means a musky sm–oh wait, maybe just a little bit of musk. And something you can really sink your teeth into, vanilla! I also have a few other favourites too; so without further delay, I present my July favourites!




1 Million

Paco Rabanne

So this is literally my go to Deodorant right now ; it’s a confidence booster ( I guess you’re all reading this thinking but why is this a confidence booster ? ) I’ll tell you why the smell it’s long lasting for one which means you’ll smell nice throughout the day Secondly, the wooden and peppermint scent easily makes this a top contender for the number one masculine fragrant right now, with its fresh, clean aroma.



Songdu Watch

Now this one is weird because most people don’t put watches as a favourite, but I am not your typical ‘normal’ person (but let’s be honest, normal is subject to each individual c: ) so I’m going to roll with it. There isn’t much I can say honestly other than it tells the time and it’s a watch. What got me about this watch in particular though was how heavy it is and how unbreakable it actually is. It really does withhold any damage. I can tell you personally it has been through the wars! I’ve dropped it so many times (I promise I wasn’t too drunk LOL; hell who am I kidding, I was probably rolling all over the floor thinking I was a sea creature) and literally it’s still in one piece. Surprisingly I’ve had watches that have cost more and have broken after being dropped once. Bigger price tags aren’t always better people.



Apple Ipad

If I’m being honest, I’ve had this about two months but it’s only this month that I’ve fully used it to its full potential (if that means binge shopping online till my bank balance screams at me, then yeah I’ve really used it!) I think what surprises me most about the Ipad is the battery difference from the iPhone. The battery on the Ipad is so much better, but maybe that’s because it’s new and I need to wear the battery in, then the battery will drain faster than me yawing, much like the iPhone. The camera also isn’t too bad, although it’s not something I would personally use for blogging photos. I think this is just a nice favourite for chilling out at night with the lights off reading a book.




I actually don’t know why I placed this in favourites, because all I do is shit talk about it; but that is because Apple is shit with their batteries, or maybe I just use my phone too much (but since when did a blogger use their phone too much–right? ” nervous laughter “) BUT as much as I do shit talk them, I wouldn’t be without my iPhone. I’ve had so many brands: Samsung, LG, Nokia, etc. but none of them have shown the same quality that Apple has, along with the constant fixes and changes they keep bringing with each model they release. As I say, the only thing that lets the Apple brand down is the battery in my opinion; if they managed to actually upgrade the battery past dying after playing one song (okay I’m exaggerating, but you get the picture) and make it last, then that would be great… Oh well, let’s see what the iPhone 8 brings, besides a screen the size of my plasma television.



Out of all my favourites for this month, this one is actually the lowest budget wise, being £10 for the both of them at the Perfume Shop, making this an ideal birthday present or Christmas present as well (so remember, throw a few hinters here and there to all your closest friends). I assume you’re supposed to follow the instructions and use the night one at night and the day one in the day (I don’t because I’m a rebel like that). I personally don’t care about the fact one is meant to be sprayed in the day and one is meant to be sprayed at night. I think someone needs to bring my rebellious actions to the attention of the police; because I have just sprayed the day one—at 8pm (I know right, I need to be stopped). My favourite out the two has to be the night one, which provides a lovely fruity smell; a mixture of apple and grapefruit, with a light scent of orange and a hint of mint (did I also tell you I was a poet?). I wouldn’t have thought those scents would have smelt so nicely put together, but aye what do I know. Now the day one is nice, but not as nice as the night one; in my opinion, it’s too woody for my liking (legitimately, it is like you’re rubbing against a bark) and way too overpowering. It’s one of those aftershaves you literally need to spray twice, maybe three times at the most to get the benefit. Anymore and it’s a fox on a motorway, road kill. It is nice as I say, but in small moderations.


So what are your monthly favorites for this month?

Is there anything you’ve become really addicted to over this month?


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  • I LOVE your writing style, I was laughing the whole way through this! Fab first post; can’t wait to read more from you.
    Saph xx

    • Craig Anthony


  • Amy

    Your design is so minimalistic I love it! Can’t wait to see future posts!

    • Craig Anthony

      Thank you so much lovely this means loads <3