How to pick yourself up on a down day

I’ll be honest I didn’t get these moments too much until this year, but I think we all get them at one point in time, or another; when life just becomes a struggle, or you’re just having one of those days where you just want to fall apart, or go to sleep and wake up the next day. I have these days not often; normally about twice a week and it happens more if I’m stressed, because I keep everything bottled inside (my fault I know) but I like being known as that happy person (but even happy people can have down days). N’ let me just take this moment to tell you; no matter your persona, or who you want to be seen as, it is okay to have these moments, as well as talking about them. Stay strong dears, things always get better!

So on these kinds of days, when you feel like the world is against you, and nothing is going right, what do you do? Well this is what I do and it normally makes me feel a tad better (don’t get me wrong, I’m still not jumping up and down on a trampoline singing to spice girls; but I’m also not in my bedroom, crying my eyes out listening to depressing music!)




Having a bath is one of the most calming things you can do; slowly sinking into the water as soft music plays and candle flames wiggle in the open air all around–what can be more relaxing right? Add a book and you’re sorted (just don’t drop it in the bath or this could have a completely reverse effect to relaxing). Simply relax, and let the worries flow from your mind. Picture your bathtub as if it was some exotic hot spring in the Bahamas; a lovely waterfall rushing through your head, carrying all that negativity away. And if that wasn’t enough, well you could be in this exotic hot spring, in the middle of the countryside too, depending on your book’s setting of course



Listening to music is something we all do often, but maybe a change in playlist would help (so don’t be going and listening to Ben Cocks or Hurts-go listen to so cold or somebody to die for, then you’ll catch my drift). Good tunes, happy vibes; those ones that really want to make you swing around on your light fitting. Get some of those blasting through your eardrums! Expanding on my suggestion about the bath, have a nice sink with some of your favourite happy music, to bring yourself up. However, you could look at the other side of the spectrum and just go for some soft music; the kind that really touches your soul and just puts you at peace. Zen music or a relaxation playlist is a must in these situations! Pair this up with a good book once again (if you haven’t grasped it by now, books are the go to tool for a mental escape from negativity, highly recommend!) and sink into your bed, as the hero of tomorrow, or a primadonna bitch of some make belief high school, again, depending on your book’s setting


You all know why I’m saying eat fruit right? (OOOOOOHH AN APPLE A DAY, KEEPS THE DOCT-oh, wrong situation, my bad) It’s a proven fact that the vitamins in fruit produce the endorphins that are needed in order to send happy waves to our brain, and in situations like this you are going need to pile those oranges into your system (and if the vitamins don’t do it, I am sure you’ll be too distracted by the tanginess to focus on your stress—or it’ll at least give you a bit of a break). I’m not the healthiest person by any means, but I’m trying to be healthier, especially when I’m down. Eating fatty/unhealthy foods personally does not help me. But eating five oranges make me feel somewhat more content and not so down about the day, or myself. So open up that bag of oranges and sink into a tangy delight.



Another one for the endorphins, as we exercise, signals are being sent to the brain which releases endorphins which help stimulate and maintain a happy balance within your brain, which in turn gives you more of a positive/happy mood, or so it should at least (let me just add a master’s degree in biology to my list real quick). In other words, when you exercise, your body reads this as you’re pressured and/or stressed (come on who doesn’t get stressed sometimes in life; I think we have all dealt with stress at one point or another) and as you exercise, you feel your heart working over-time as it fights back the stress, which then releases the endorphins (which is also a stress fighter) so basically the endorphins are kicking the stress’ ass and turning your mood on its head. (Basically okay, you have your own Rocky Balboa in your head; make sure you get me an autograph from him, thanks dears xoxo)




So that’s what I do.
What do you do to pick yourself up? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comment section.
And again, there may be a lot of little puns and quips in this, but legitimately this topic is very close to my heart; we all hit those rock bottom moments, crashing into walls in our minds. Ride it out, stay strong, and talk to people. They are there to listen, and so you haven’t got to deal with this all on your own. ♥



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