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    As I write, I already know what you are all going to think…’If I take a closer inspection, will everyone agree that this hairspray will make me the ladies’ choice?’ Maybe not in Baltimore, but definitely wherever you come from. And for all the ladies out there, you’ll have the boys at your heels okay? It isn’t no ultra-clutch but it is a very close second and if you compare it to other products such as: got2b and Shockwave, it is the best in my opinion. I think the main thing I adore about Fudge is the fact they have made the hairspray smell so nice with the delicious scent of coconut and apple. Also it leaves your hair feeling really soft, not like you’ve had an accident in technology class with the hot-glue gun, if you catch my drift. Despite it making your hair feel so soft, it still keeps it held in place perfectly. So whether you’re a red head, blonde or brunette (woo! Just take my-I’m sorry I’ll stop) you should definitely grab yourself a can of Fudge hairspray (and keep it at your side, at all times!) It is smooth to the touch, keeps your hair in place, makes you smell divine-and is long lasting! It might not come cheap, despite the kisses being free; but it is one of the best you are going to get your hands on!

    I do enjoy Fudge’s hair-care products in general, as well as most of their products. But, the hairspray is my go to on a daily basis! So with a ska-doo-dle-e-ya-do do wah, forget that milkman, spray it and lock it, n’ take off in that rocket ladies n gents!
    (And if you did not get the hairspray references, you need to go watch it. It is a sin to leave that movie unwatched! )

    This isn’t the cheapest hairspray at any means but it is the best To purchase using Amazon £10.95


    So have you ever used Fudge ? what did you thinkI’dd love to know your thoughts.